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Change your life simply by changing your mind


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Did you build a big life, but now you feel stuck?

you're not alone.

Are you suffocating under the weight of it all? Do you feel powerless, thinking you should be happier?

I’m Patti Britt Campbell, the coach for midlife men, and I can help. I have an innovative approach that makes logical sense and will put you back in charge. The Midlife Renovation Model is the most efficient and effective method
to give you immediate and long-lasting results, top to bottom!

Renovating your life doesn't mean tearing down everything you've built. It means opening up some walls, letting in light, clearing the way back to peace and happiness...and connecting you to an endless supply of power to
maintain your sense of control.

Give me 30 minutes and I will show you how we can change your life.

"In my first hour with Patti I made more progress in feeling happier and having the tools I needed to manage my mind, than I EVER did with any other counselor or therapist in the past. Her personal experience, education and training has given her the unique ability to speak to the soul of a middle-aged man in crisis. She gave me the tools to truly renovate my life through the way I managed my mind and thoughts. It was incredible how she empowered me to feel and change my life in ways I never expected."
— Mark J. Kohler, CPA, Attorney
"Are you looking for someone to transform your life? Someone so authentic and grounded that every coaching session feels like a reunion with your best friend? Patti worked magic. She handed me the control and power to move permanently into success and clarity in every aspect of my life."
— Paul Shanahan, Principal/President – St. Bernard’s Academy
"Working with Patti was intense. She helped me change my life. She guided me through separating the facts about things and the thoughts and emotions I was having about them. She was able to help me see not only how every thought drives my emotions but how those emotions drive the outcomes in my life. She isn’t a stranger to doing hard things and she will show you that you can do hard things. You can actually do anything."
— Cameron McIntosh, Landscape Contractor
"Patti’s toughness and competitiveness is borne of her roots in her family’s Northern California lumber businesses. But she’s also polished, kind and a wonderful listener who blends her skills perfectly for the benefit of her clients and colleagues."
— Frank E. Navarro, Managing Principal – Navarro Lowrey, Inc.
"Patti is ambitious, humble, rigorous and accomplished. She is a leader and has a passion for making everybody around her better."
— Dan Johnson, President – The Danco Group of Companies

stop trying to change everything around you.

the power of your mind!

I have a process that will be customized to YOU. I will guide you through each phase then leave you with
the blueprints and power tools to be the architect of your DREAMS.

is an inside job.

Changing your life starts with changing your mind... seriously.

Get my monthly Newsletter and download my free Midlife Renovation Guide to learn the process.

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