I help my clients gain Clarity so they can be free to live out their wildest dreams.


Are You Ready

for a Midlife Renovation?

Welcome Home, I'm Patti.

I love renovating homes and minds.

And Guess What?

Through intense life experience, I learned that personal transformation is a process just like any home renovation.

After spending years studying personal growth, cognitive & emotional development, grief & trauma treatments, spiritual & energy healing, and business & mindset training - I learned a new and simple, but powerful framework that put all my knowledge & understanding together in a way that changes everything.

This innovative approach makes logical sense, has immediate real-world application, and delivers lasting results!

My mission is to share it with the world, starting with the people I think need it the most - Men.



I get men. I know what makes you tick and why you suffer.

I’ve been working with and around men my entire life – in the lumber industry, in real estate, construction, as a bartender (my first "coaching" job), and in my outdoor adventures. I’m the daughter of the best and raised a few good ones myself.

I also understand your problems because they’re human problems.


Most performance coaching builds on three components – your mindset, your actions, and your results. 

But there is a critical fourth piece missing in that model – your heart.

Emotions. The very thing you have been conditioned to ignore is THE most powerful source of your success, or failure. And the reason you are stuck.

I can help you out

I went through my own deeply challenging Midlife Renovation. As a Certified Life Coach, I have the cutting-edge tools and personal experience to guide you through yours. With my highly custom & direct, but supportive approach, you won’t recognize yourself when we’re done.

Ready to get to work?

It's Time for a Midlife Renovation

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